Apie Mus
Love Virus :)

Nowadays, when everything  goes fast and everybody is busy  mostly we forget to say to each that we love or we care, but  it is said that, ‘‘Love is in the Air‘‘, so to proof this,  in Vilkaviskis Ausra Gymnasium,  we started spreading the LOVE VIRUS J  since the end of January we were organinising an event  ‘’VIRUS of Love + Kindeness + Care’’. 

Dorothea's time in Lithuania

Three months have past since I came to Lithuania as a volunteer. Even though it's already a third of my time here, I'm still amazed by Lithuania.  The kind people, the (more than) difficult language, new events and cities and new things to experience. Besides exploring Marijampolė, which seems to grow bigger with every time I walk in it, there are so many other cities, which I've been to like Vilnius, Trakai and Kaunas, and to which I still want to go.

First emotions of Gvantsa

Labas, I am Gvantsa from Sakartvelo (Georgia).  Since 10th of October  I live in  Marijampole, in a  little and cozy town.

But let’s start from the beginning J .  Several months ago I realized that I needed a new challenge in my life and I thought this might be going abroad and live there alone for a while, I wanted to find out how is life far away from your homeland, without family and close friends. Wanted to discover new lands, new people, new cultures  and of course share my culture, my knowledge and experience to others.


Aistė Rutkauskienė
projektų koordinatorė
Savanorių koordintorė
Dorothea's first sight in Lithuania

After graduating from school I had to face the big question: What should I do with my future? While considering a voluntary service, there was only one thing that was sure for me: it had to be Lithuania. I arrived in Marijampole on the 8th of September and I already could tell that I would like my stay here because of the kind greeting I experienced. I don‘t live in Marijampole for a long time yet but I can say that I really like this town. There are beautiful parks, the scenery is nice, I love the paintings on the walls, the people are warm-hearted and welcoming and the town is really active; there is no week without an event. There are relaxing places like the spring with three cats on it or the main square. I‘m really glad I came to Marijampole and that I have the chance to experience Lithuanian culture, language and more new things.