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Dorothea's first sight in Lithuania

After graduating from school I had to face the big question: What should I do with my future? While considering a voluntary service, there was only one thing that was sure for me: it had to be Lithuania. I arrived in Marijampole on the 8th of September and I already could tell that I would like my stay here because of the kind greeting I experienced. I don‘t live in Marijampole for a long time yet but I can say that I really like this town. There are beautiful parks, the scenery is nice, I love the paintings on the walls, the people are warm-hearted and welcoming and the town is really active; there is no week without an event. There are relaxing places like the spring with three cats on it or the main square. I‘m really glad I came to Marijampole and that I have the chance to experience Lithuanian culture, language and more new things.