First emotions of Gvantsa

Labas, I am Gvantsa from Sakartvelo (Georgia).  Since 10th of October  I live in  Marijampole, in a  little and cozy town.

But let’s start from the beginning J .  Several months ago I realized that I needed a new challenge in my life and I thought this might be going abroad and live there alone for a while, I wanted to find out how is life far away from your homeland, without family and close friends. Wanted to discover new lands, new people, new cultures  and of course share my culture, my knowledge and experience to others.


fter searching several EVS applications, I found one, which was exactly for me, Marijampole, little town and volunteering at school. I sent my CV and motivation letter immediately and crossed fingers for positive feedback J I got an e-mail in two hours from Aiste, we talked and discussed everything  in 10 days and both sides made decisions, I was accepted and I was going to Lithuania.

Then next  2 weeks were full of different emotions, there were a lot of  kisses and hugs and of course tears, as my decision was a surprise for my family and friends and it was not easy for them to accept it… 

Despite that I’m afraid of flight, I was sitting in the plane and was thinking about not to get crazy in that 3 and half hour J))) I sent a message to Aiste –‘’ I’m already in the plane, see you soon’’ and she answered that she was going now to Vilnius to meet me there…

I landed in Vilnius and I was  extremely happy that I was  alive J I went to the passport control, smiled to the officer , said ‘’Hello’’ and gave him my passport. He checked it and immediately started asking me questions in Russian, he asked me why I came here, how long I’m going to stay and if I have a money… I was answering in English, but my answers weren’t enough for him, he was almost shouting to me, I was standing in front of him, confused, insulted, irritated and just said to him to call to my coordinator and she would answer all his questions. I gave him Aiste’s number and he called. And I was thinking _  What if she won’t answers?  He won’t let me to enter in this country? What a hospitality? I just came and they are already shouting to me, what am I doing here? …. And she answered J they talked for 3 minutes I guess and he finally smiled to me and said in English ‘’welcome to Vilnius’’.  Crazy man!!!

A fter 3.5 hours of flight, after that ‘’officer accident’’, I had no idea what I was doing here, I looked around – so many people, but all of them are strangers for me and I felt so lonely. I took my luggage and went to the exit, the door opened and I saw someone was smiling to me, I  looked carefully and smiled to her too…  This is Aiste – my first friend here! J   And I felt safe… I met  Aiste and Ramona, two people who were waiting for me in the airport and my loneliness disappeared in seconds J  we joked a lot about that officer and then girls suggested to go to a nice place and drink coffee there and we went to Trakai, in that beautiful place it is impossible to think about anything negative.

Fantastic  weather,  stunning nature and girls company – this is the beginning!

To Be Continued…