Dorothea's time in Lithuania

Three months have past since I came to Lithuania as a volunteer. Even though it's already a third of my time here, I'm still amazed by Lithuania.  The kind people, the (more than) difficult language, new events and cities and new things to experience. Besides exploring Marijampolė, which seems to grow bigger with every time I walk in it, there are so many other cities, which I've been to like Vilnius, Trakai and Kaunas, and to which I still want to go.

 Many events took place like making my own christmas wreath, concerts in the school im working in, meeting with other volunteers and I attended my very first Basketball game. Also, I'm part of a traditional music group in Kalvarija with lovely people who teach me lithuanian songs, and our first "concert" will take place soon.
Christmas is coming and I'm experiencing traditions, different christmas markets and big, glowing trees on main squares.
I'm looking forward to a traditional and cozy celebration with my family in Šiauliai, New Years in Vilnius and hopefully a next year as great as this one.