Love Virus :)
20 vasario, 2019

Nowadays, when everything  goes fast and everybody is busy  mostly we forget to say to each that we love or we care, but  it is said that, ‘‘Love is in the Air‘‘, so to proof this,  in Vilkaviskis Ausra Gymnasium,  we started spreading the LOVE VIRUS J  since the end of January we were organinising an event  ‘’VIRUS of Love + Kindeness + Care’’. 

First of all, we built a Valentine Post Office, then  each class where asked to decorate their Valentine box and put it in Valentine Office, the whole school was actively involved in this event, as each class wanted its box to be the best and they tried a lot J 10 days before Valentines our  Post office started working and all of us we started sending letters and sweets to each other, every day  it was a long queue  in front of boxes and  it was so hard not to open them and check what was inside J As it was too much love in our Gymnasium, we decided to spread it in the streets J our students made flowers themselves in their Art lesson and then altogether we went to the streets,   gave them to all the people we met, and it was so full emotions, we smiled, gave them flowers, they also smiled us and this way we shared our ‘’VIRUS’’.  On 13th of February, it was a parents meeting day and they were informed about our event and were asked to write letters  to their children and next day when the letters were given to the students they were really shocked but so happy, it was seemed that sometimes even parents forget to say, how they love J

After checking our boxes, getting so many letters full of positive, getting chocolates, watching how people hug, smile  and kiss each other,  I can  say that we did it, that we really love, we are kind and we care.