This game is played by 20-50 people. Players choose a large square seat, i. y. “Pond”: draws a bow on the ground at one of its crossings, a “fisherman’s house.” Players are divided into two equal parts: “fish” and “fishermen”. The fish runs around the pond. The fishermen stop in line and form a “net” with their hands held firmly. Then they attack the pond, screaming “Fishermen are going!” And take care to catch the fish caught in the net.

It does this: both fishermen standing at the ends of the net grab their hands so that there is a circle in the middle with the fish caught. Understandably, fish need to be careful not to get caught in the net. The fishermen, crushing the net, shout, “Caught!” The caught fish leads to the fisherman’s apartment, and the game continues. When playing, do not catch fish by hand, and fish cannot escape from the pond. Runaways are considered caught. If the net breaks down, it needs to be “fixed” before it can be caught. When the fishermen catch all the fish, the players then change: the fish become fishermen and the fishermen fish.