This folk sport was played till the beginning of the Second World War. A traditional folk game mainly played in shepherding communities, Kapela only requires a pyramid-shaped stack of stones, 4-6 balls, a hat, and a way to make a circle approximately 8 meters in diameter on the ground. To play, one person takes the role of a guardian tasked to protect the kapela, or ”chapel”, made of stones. This player also wears a hat while performing this role. The other players stand outside the circle and attempt to knock over the stones by throwing the balls. If a player succeeds in toppling the kapela, he or she must then run to get their ball and return to the outside of the circle. As soon as the kapela falls, however, the guardian rushes to restack the stones then throw their hat at the player attempting to retrieve the ball. If they hit the player with their hat before the player leaves the circle, that player becomes the new guardian for that round. If the guardian fails and the player returns safely outside the circle, the guardian must continue their role for the next round.