An old team game, the ancestor of modern games. Various types of it were played in various regions of Europe and Asia using a wide variety of favorite inventory – logs, balls, bags and even rope. In our case, a log about two meters long is used and the size of the court is usually determined by the number of players – usually between 5 and 10. Opposing teams stop at the edge of the court in front of each other and wait for the referee’s signal. The signal is given by throwing the log across the middle of the pitch. The members of both teams quickly run to the log and try to drag it to the edge of their team. The victory is credited to the team that not only pulls the log to the edge of their pitch, but also touches the ground behind the mark with its end.

There are various variations of the rules of the game, for example, the log can be thrown several times. It should be noted that any combat actions or attempts to prevent members of the rival team from arresting the log are strictly prohibited, and team members performing them are eliminated, thus weakening the team.